The "Formula"

To reiterate : "The Formula" was started in 1947 by J.R. Senior. It was later perfected and modernized by his son, J.R. Junior over the last 20 years.

"The “formula" is a supplemental, dietary program that allows the body to achieve superior health. The premise is : Create internal/external body development through radically different nutritional concepts and diet. Superior health develops superior athletic progress and weight loss. This is the concept that defies most. They believe that their diet is the best that it can be. It is not. Therefore, achievement fails.

The material was never intended to “go public”. But, was prompted by the deaths of two very well known and received bodybuilders : Rich Piana and Dallas McGarver. Both passings are rumored to be steroid/ growth hormone / and general “performance enhancing drug” related.

When asked why release "The Formula" now?, J.R. Junior commented, “I was personally introduced to the Father Of Rich Piana, through mutual friends, shortly after his sons death. He was distraught and hurt." "This is what pushed me to come forward with the information."

J.R. Junior further goes on to say, “The only issue was that now I had to get back in shape at 50 YEARS of AGE to prove a point ; AND I had not trained in 9 years! ; AND I had to do it without using synthetic means."

Here are the progress photos.

Before Training

Before training

Before Training


Yes you can.............................. loose weight effectively and without hunger!
Yes you can............................ gain muscle mass at 50 years of age!
Yes you can........................... have more energy and drive!
Yes you can.......... feel and look healthier!

The good thing, is that the "key" to success is 90% diet!

We can show you how.



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