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An Idea that started 72 years ago!

Clinically Proven!

A new Era in Health and Fitness starts today! "The Formula" presented has been in development for the last 70 + years. Since 1947.

**"The Formula" is an advanced dietary supplement program, with a strong emphasis in WEIGHT LOSS. **

The portrayal of the information within, has been founded by two distinct instrumentors : J.R. Senior & J.R. Junior. Father & Son.

J.R. Senior owned the FIRST gym that ever existed, in Glendale CA, in 1947. He was dedicated to the formulation of a dietary supplemental system that worked for anyone, despite their athletic goal differences, or personal health objectives. His conditioned shape is presented below. The year 1947.

Whether one wants to ADD SIZE & “bulk up” , burn fat, get stronger, get in shape faster, overall health increase, stamina acceleration, flexibility, and / or body training retention ; it is designed to work for you.

Later 2018, also marked the date that "The Formula" was medically tested and verified. The complete medical test results are included in this presentation.

Thank You for listening.

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J.R. Senior in conditioned shape in 1947!
Yes 72 years ago!
Coincidentally, the same year that Arnold Shwarzenneger WAS BORN

1940's Gymnasiums

A perspective of what typical Gymnasiums & Athletes
looked like in the 1940’s, when J.R. Senior was training.

Modern meets Old
J.R. Junior

When I was young I had no idea what my Dad was working on. But, I remember language such as : "Supplement this, herb that, mixing here, testing there, refining, perfecting ; repeat." When I grew up, I found out that it was this "Muscle & Health" stuff. I became VERY interested. I started to take notes. I became conscious about "The Formula."

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